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Cramim Dan Toren
instead of demonstrating the chef's caprices, a more realistic approach is taken, and diners' favorites are prepared
To be trendy in 2015 Israel's culinary scene, you have to be different. Restaurants' design has to be unique and menu entries' titles have to be unreadable. I recently found one simple yet exciting exception. Let me introduce you to Cramim restaurant in Beer Sheva, and owner Yaniv Hazan.

On the hottest day of the year I drove with my darling brother to a chef meal at Cramim. The second branch of the first Moshav Sgula restaurant is located downtown Beer Sheva. Here it offers an impressive repertoire of chef dishes, wine selection, calm and cozy design, which includes a huge bright space, high quality service and an understandable, intimate menu.

Cramim's chef and staff, says Hazan, uses the highest quality of raw materials. Only instead of demonstrating the chef's caprices, a more realistic approach is taken, and diners' favorites are prepared.

So we started with the mushroom (Forest, Champignon and Portobello) risotto, which was simply one of the best I have ever had; it was rich and served generously. The sirloin carpaccio was very good too, and a complimentary roasted artichoke salad was served with a touch of yogurt and fresh leaves – so simple, yet so good.

We then continued to our mains, which were perhaps more complicated, but still enjoyable. The veal baklava indeed sounds like the title of a dessert, but in fact it is a soft veal meat cooked with roasted pistachio nuts, raw tahini and date honey. The plate was decorated with sugar powder and sliced roasted almonds. Don't be confused – I rarely enjoy such a novelty, but this one was interesting and addictive at ocne. We also had some sirloin rolls that were filled with goose liver; we took a bite of the chicken liver pappardelle in wine; and even tasted the upcoming market menu: crispy calamari with aioli and a chef's touch. I'd have to say – all in all it was a simply recommended experience. If you are ever in the area.

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