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Annual Wine Festival at The Israel Museum
Annual Wine Festival at The Israel Museum Yonatan Sternberg
There is no question that the Israel Museum Wine Festival is among the best exhibitions in the local wine scene, successfully attracting wineries from across the country
There are many discussions within the Israeli wine industry about the influx in wine festivals and wine events over the past 2-3 years. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for any event that promotes wine culture and exposes wine aficionados to new wines and wineries. However, it is important to bare in mind that Israeli wineries, even the larger ones, have limited resources and as such often select to exhibit and pour their wines at events that provide the best exposure to existing and hopefully new customers. Having said that, there is no question that the Israel Museum Wine Festival is among the best exhibitions in the local wine scene, successfully attracting wineries from across the country.

Once a year thousands of people come together at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem for a celebration and extensive tasting of Israeli wines. This impressive event is organized annually (this will be the 9th consecutive year) by leading Jerusalem wine stores, Avi Ben and Shachar Wines, providing wine aficionados with an opportunity to meet the people behind the wines and sample some of the new vinos on the market.

This year the event will take place between July 30th – August 2nd , 19:00-23:30 and for NIS 80 visitors will receive a complimentary wine glass and unlimited wine tasting at the various booths.

After attending many wine festivals both in Israel and abroad, I have learned that at these types of events it is recommended to strategize and pace yourself. One strategy is to limit your tasting and sample between 1-2 wines at each booth requesting the top vino they have to offer or only tasting wines that are new on the market. Other strategies include starting off with white wines and then moving on to reds and finally dessert wines, as the sweetness coats the palate and impacts the flavor of the subsequent wine tasted, particularly in the case of a dry wine.

The exhibition will feature wineries of varying sizes and styles from all over Israel, including: Amphorae, Binyamina, Carmel Winery, Shiloh, Dalton, Yaffo Winery, Pelter, Golan Heights, Barkan, Segal, Ella Valley, Tanya, Tishbi, Ventura, Odem Mt. Recanati, Katlav, Tulip, Chillag, Agur, Ruth, 1848, Tura, Or Haganuz,, Mony, Har Bracha, Granada (pomegranate wines), among others.

In addition to live music played throughout the evening, visitors will also be able to enjoy various culinary treats at the designated booth. Look for: excellent olive oil and mustards at the Olia booth, premium olive oils at the Gshur booth – my favorites are their Kornieki and Piqual, Sushi from sushi Rehavia – the best Kosher sushi in town, Chocolates at the De Karina booth, Cheese at the Yakob’s Dairy booth and more.

Enjoy and See you at the museum!

Photographs by: Aharon Barak

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