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Rotman Orly Peresh-Azulay
“Fresh crusty bread was placed on our table, along with small clay pots of tzadziki, tehina, a ball of labane, Bulgarian cheese, baked sweet potato, olives and eggplant…” Orly Peresh-Azulay thinks breakfast at Rotman is more than worth the drive to Lotem.
Rotman, a restaurant located in the village of Lotem sitting in the shade of the Hilazon Mountain, is surrounded by infinite shades of green-blue. The patio at Rotman overlooks the Sea of Galilee to the east and the Tzalmon River Nature Reserve to the north. Visitors come from all parts of the country upon hearing about the amazing Rotman experience: rich breakfasts, a range of vegetarian dishes, special meat dishes – both light and heavy, dishes that kids will love – at Rotman they have thought of everyone. Events are also held here at Rotman. On summery weekends there is live jazz and other music – just phone to find out what.

One rare free morning I had an epiphany. I remembered Rotman’s atmosphere and the Galilee-country style food served there and I knew that today was the day to devote some time to driving for my breakfast. When we arrived I didn’t allow myself to be distracted in the restaurant’s amazing garden or in the flower and unique item packed entrance (things which usually distract me) and headed straight for the patio. In every flower, plant, sculpture and piece of furniture, Rotman’s special aesthetic is apparent.

We were seated on the patio and took it all in with wonder. Breakfast at Rotman, served in gorgeous one-of-a-kind dishes, include special spreads, homemade jams and all sorts of fresh and tasty treats. Fresh crusty bread was placed on our table, along with small clay pots of tzadziki, tehina, a ball of labane, Bulgarian cheese, baked sweet potato, olives and eggplant. Pesto, tapanade and apple and strawberry jam were also served in all their homemade splendor. My husband ordered a cheese omelet and I ordered one with onion, mushrooms and herbs. On a large separate place came a finely and freshly chopped vegetable salad lightly dressed in sumac.

We ate our breakfast while gazing out at the breathtaking view, and every so often we took a break from the food to enjoy some freshly squeezed orange juice. Once I had eaten my fill I took a full tour of the restaurant. Every corner contains a little bit of the Maya’s magic – the piano and harp which are part of the décor, the vases full of flowers, the antique furniture, the fireplace, the assorted photographs, the Russian doll collection and even the bathroom. I finally returned to my coffee-sipping, hot apple strudel-eating husband. The strudel was pure nostalgia – just like one we’d once eaten on a trip to Europe. There’s nothing like a visit to Rotman to charge your battery with the knowledge that something special is out there, just around the corner.

Village of Lotem
Tel: 04-6778884

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