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Sufganiot or Bust!
Sufganiot or Bust!
Sufganiot for dieters, sufganiot made of brioche, flour free milk based sufganiot, and sufganiot filled with classic jam, chocolate ganache, halvah, dulce de leche, white chocolate, and even malabi cream. In honour of Hanukah, the best sufganiot, from the best bakeries in Israel!
Lechem Erez
Lechem Erez, the café and bakery chain, is offering a range of flavours in addition to the regular jam like the 'briochonit' – a light and airy French pastry made from yeast dough with sugar and butter, filled with various types of cream, including classic strawberry jam, rich Belgian chocolate ganache, and a malabi cream filling.
Lechem Erez
Locations all around the country
http://www.lehemerez.co.il/ (Hebrew only)

Limor Handmade Pastries
This home-style Ramat HaSharon bakery has created handmade sufganiot in honour of the holiday. They come in 2 sizes and with 5 different fillings: jam, dulce de leche, chocolate, vanilla and coffee.
Limor Handmade Pastries
11 Harushat, Ramat Hasharon

Boutique ice cream shop Saked, at the Tel Aviv Port, is offering a 'sufglida' (suf-ice cream) in honour of Hanukah's balmier temperatures this side of the Mediterranean. Made on the premises, the 'sufglidas' are filled with ice cream in assorted flavours and covered in hot chocolate syrup. The 'sufglida' is served hot alongside cold ice cream in a variety of original flavours like Belgian chocolate, bourbon vanilla, strawberry cream, dulce de leche, whisky, crème brulee, panna cotta cream, pistachio and more.
Tel Aviv Port

Le Moulin
Boulangerie Le Moulin, on Bograshov Street in Tel Aviv, is baking up some special sufganiot with rich brioche dough, filled with homemade strawberry jam, and covered in nuts.
Le Moulin
72 Bograshov St., Tel Aviv

Hemda Cakes
Home-style bakery Hemda Cakes, on Carlibach Streets in Tel Aviv, is offering Hanukah sufganiot with a variety of exciting fillings: high quality strawberry jam, 65% Belgium chocolate, dulce de leche, white chocolate, and gourmet halvah in crème patisiere. In addition, Hemda Cakes is offering sufganiot with no filling, and oven baked brioche dough sufganiot.
Hemda Cakes
13 Carlibach St., Tel Aviv

Piece of Cake
This pastry shop on Yehuda HaYamit Street in Jaffa is offering healthy and delicious Hanukah sufganiot from fresh dough made daily. The sufgania dough is made of milk, butter, and fresh eggs only, without flour, additives or preservatives and fried in fresh oil. The sufganiot come in 3 fillings: classic nostalgic red jelly, dulce de leche or real Belgian chocolate ganache.
Piece of Cake
17 Yehuda HaYamit Street, Jaffa.
http://www.pieceofcake.co.il/ (Hebrew only.)

Eyal Ma'afim Tovim
Café and pastry shop Eyal Ma'afim Tovim, which has locations in Ness Tziona and Rehovot, is offering mini sufganiot in a range of flavours, light sufganiot for those watching their weight, and whole wheat sufganiot.
Eyal Ma'afim Tovim
53 HaIrusim, Kanioter, Ness Tziona, 08-9402882
210 Herzl Street, Rehovot, 08-9315895
http://www.2eat.co.il/eyal/ (Hebrew Only)

Roy Chocolate
At the Roy Chocolate boutique chocolate chain, sufganiot are not on offer – but their special for Hanukah chocolate treats are no less exciting: a selection hanukiot made of chocolate and caramel fudge, Hanukah gelt (coins) filled with crunchy and enticing nuts, dreidels (spinning top) made of milk, white and bittersweet chocolate, and more.
Roy Chocolate
15 Yad Harutzim, Tel Aviv.
http://www.roychocolate.co.il/ (Hebrew Only)

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